Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursdays Hot Stud

I have been busy as a bee and haven't posted anything and I apologize.. I started the new job yesterday and so far so good but it is only day 2--LOL!---I think its going to be perfect but I will be super busy as I learn the ropes so I wont have much time to hoo hoo..but will do the best I can...I am still having lots of probs trying to figure out how to add my pic to profile and also to add a section on blogs I love to read and visit daily on the side of this really pisses me off!!! Sometime I have no patience... I am hoping to get it down soon--Im still learning all this mumbo jumbo--So right now I love checking out Turning Forty, Nathan Exposed to get my real blog experiences--Oh la la Paris for the boys,news and more and D listed for my hollywood and celebrity fix just to name a few as they are many more to visit...I will post links once I figure it out promise...Well I did have the time to find this hot guy of course..Enjoy! Cheers!

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DanNation said...

Thanks for the shout out - I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. Can't wait to read more of yours!