Monday, August 07, 2006

The Boys On A Date
circa 1955

So our buddy Michael in Oregon sent me some great pics over the weekend and I had to share some of them...I come across these types of retro/older pics every now and then and really love them...Ahh... to live back then would of been fun for sure....

Maybe I should start collecting them? But since I am going to have a yard sale this next weekend to get rid of stuff--I better not think about adding more! But I really think this would be fun to have--Maybe I could use this as new art in the house and break away from the basic 3 fagdom decors--

1) OLD FAG--Ethan Allen/Mix of Antiques--World Travel fags fit in here too...This is the vase Logan and I got in Peru-- the mask from Africa--The rug from Turkey, The crabs from Amsterdam etc etc...

2) IM SO COOL FAG--West Elm,Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware,William Sonoma Home--- yada yada--- you know the real modern and functional look fag- Kale and I just loved the celery green sectional we just bought don't you? It was only 9999.99 on sale--what a bargain huh? We got the Matching Ottoman and Pillows for only 8999.99 as well--god we are so happy for that sale...

3) I DON'T HAVE THE FAG GENE FAG- Locker room--stuff everywhere!!--Stacks and stacks of things everywhere--Collector types---this maybe a nerdy gay boy too-- This is similar to a straight boy---but its tough most of the straight boys I meet are so clean!--- so metrosexual....anyhow..... I love me those nerdy boys!! That will have to be my next cute boy post but lets not lose track here..

Anyhow I could go on and on and on ...I guess we actually have more like 4-5 types-- What type do Jeff and I fall under? Well I would say a mix of all----We shop at the Pottery Barn to Walmart so we have a very mixed home....So don't sit on that chair its from Big Lots and it may bust from under your ass....just kidding!!!....Ok now Im on a mission....I am going to look for some of these fun retro type gay boy stuff and share--

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