Monday, August 21, 2006

Dantes Cove
So Jeff and I stayed home and watched Dantes Coves yesterday---We were even lucky enough to be at the cast wrap party last April at Hulas in Waikiki.....Yes the boys on the show are as hot in person as they are in the show....Anyhow.... heres the skinny....

So Dante's Cove is set in a small town on what seems like a island....and the residents of The Hotel Dante are very gay-bi-lesbian etc....they are all young and super gorgeous. They are plunged into a world full of intrigue, secrets and loads of sexual romance when the towns sinister supernatural past comes to life. Years ago a sorceress named Grace, played by Tracy Scoggins (ou may remember her from the Dynasty spinoff, The Colbys?) finds out her one true love is a gay whack who like it up the bum--- so heartbroken Grace seeks revenge! She imprisons Ambrosius and he is held captive until now---modern times--when he is accidentally released from his chains by a kiss from Kevin,the hotels newest resident.Now the past and the present collide as Grace and Ambrosius continue their feud and the residents of the hotel pay the price and have loads of sex with each other.

The 2 disc DVD which is really just two episodes ( season one) is pretty much softcore gay porn--even going beyond QAF!--Loads of Man on ManAction and Girl on Girl action!! BTW-- Lindsay from QAF is joining Season 2!---- I mentioned to Jeff that the renters at our local Blockbuster would be in for a surprise when they rent it out as all is says to advertise it on the box is "A Super Natural Melrose Place"....Hmmm.....Loads of ass and dick on disc one.....I don't remember that part of Melrose......Anyhow the writing is pretty rough, as is some of the acting. The second disc/episode was ok and improved just about everywhere and was not as softcore pornish.....though some of the writing and acting still leaves a little to be desired. But It actually gets a bit gripping and left me wanting more..So Im ready for season 2!!!

All in all --a very good show--Its a good replacement for my QAF fix for now.....I really think its a very unique addition to gay /lesbian television and film and I anticipate season 2 to be even better!!!----- I love the sex scenes as they are sensual and very hot and I always love that..... I just hope the story lines get better and more realistic--some of it is very far fetched---but heck.... lets just hope they make more episodes and develop the charters and story lines better...Im sure they will as it really has the potential to capture a large audience....I know Im a fan...

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