Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fudge You Co-worker Bitch from HELL!

This is what I want to say to one of the most biggest crotches I work with on a daily basis since this last February. She is one of those women that eats at me on a regular basis---and that hasn't happened in my life often--I cant think of a girl I disliked in a very LONG time...... I just don't like her...she is a horrid ugly bitch--looks like a troll...wears the same floral skirts everyday ( I think she owns 3 of these floral hell skirts) and wears WHITE sandals everyday....She smells and has bad breath and has the big boss wrapped around her finger -- I think he is actually scared of her....what a chump....I have a file on her so I can use it in the future as she is constantly on my case----I will have to share some of those soon...oh who am I kidding shes more than a fucking crotch--she more of a _ _ _ _God I haven't had hate like this in a long time-- I need to rope it in ....This naked man should help....oh that's better......

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