Thursday, August 31, 2006

John Travoltas kissy kissy
with a man!

Ok.... this is really not news to me and many others in the know.... I have mentioned this before in my blog as he was once David Geffens Boy toy back in the 80's....Now Sean William Scott is ... yada yada yada.... and there is a long list in between these of very hot boy toys-- one day I may have to come up with a list... but Im a bit scared as I don't want the Gay Mafia after me...Yes... girls and boys there's a gay Mafia--- but more on that later..... You know I really don't think I should post too much about stuff like this as I really don't believe its right to out people or force them out at all .....Truly... Im just not into that I really try to use discretion on what I post when it comes to this kind of stuff...But on to the gossip and my far fetched ideas and thoughts--Funny though how the far fetched stuff becomes valid ALOT.... ..hmmmmm

I have always told the story to friends and such on how my old buds in Vancouver BC used to see Johnnie at the gay gyms and clubs back in the 80's--he had BF's and all that---Well he married Kelly Preston later and I thought... well hes just a bisexual and that's cool as there are many of us around ....Now that this hot pic has surfaced I can can just hear it from the straights ... oh dear..... poor poor Kelly Preston......well folks sorry to burst your bubbles but I really think Kelly knows whats up and always has--have you ever heard of swingers? I firmly believe that when Kelly and John had Kristie Alley and Parker Stevenson ( another hottie!!! come figure my mystery out Hardy Boy Parker!) were NEXT DOOR neighbors back in the 90's something hot was really going on..... They were known as a very inseparable 4 some!!! Plus they are all Sceincetologist ( Hello-ring ring -Tom Fruity Cruise-- I think the gays just have another hide out and its the Sciencetology shield--- just like all churches--Wanna find a gay-- go to church!! anyhow the clue phone is ringing and I suggest you answer it!!! ...well just too much to post on this subject alone so lets save this for another post!!)

I personally think Parker and John were together and Kristie and Kelly were velcro sistering it up back in the day---remember when Kristie said in her acceptance speech at some award show " Thanks to my husband for giving me the big one" I thought then and there that Parkers big one was going in Johnny not her!! ha ha!! FOR REAL!!! You know I think Johnnys just a sexual being that enjoys the company of men and women- I say hip hip horray for him.. Lucky him to have this cute blonde to kiss-- they look very cute together---I bet you Johnnie is part of the mile high club big time-- shit..... I bet hes part of the gold class mile high club...I know it....I just hope Im around for the books in my old age that brings this whole interesrting saga to life.... HOT!!!

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Anonymous said...

I believe John has always been a swinger!! He likes hot dogs and clams for his Labor Day BBQ!!