Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Paul "Blue Eyes" Newman
and the short shorts.......

So this is one of those old pics that I happen to come across and just love it! Wasn't Paul just a stud! I was chatting with my old bestest girl friend from high school Tammy-she was my Grace and I was her Will-at least this was how she was introduced by my good friend QT at my mothers B day bash last month and I just loved it!!! though someone later told me that I seemed more like a Jack... "great isn't that nice" So maybe shes more like my Karen!-- anyhow she and I still relate on so many levels and still chat away when we can which is so much fun!.....This pic reminds me of our fathers as they both used to wear shorts like this..Terry and Ralph in there shorty shorts!! How hilarious! Heck... who am I kidding so did I! I used to wear those Adidas shorts that were pretty much ball hungers...White ones with red Adidas lettering and stripes on the sides....The girl's used to wear them too and flip up the front----they also wore those Dolphin Shorts--it was either striped or color paneled on each side....No boys wore the Dolphin ones except one guy in PE--I cant remember his name but I know he must of became a big old queen...Well at least I looked good in my Shorty Shorts and pulled it off! Oh my gosh.... I cant imagine getting into a pair that size nowadays! YIKES!
Those were the days though and I wish it would come back... Now all the boys and men wear big baggy and oversized shorts--where your butt hangs out... I miss the days of shorty shorts....I wish they would return--don't you?...what a eye gasim! Love and Hugs
"Just Errol"


Anonymous said...

Oh how I loved the daze!!!!
So true about our papa's.......I remember those dolphin shorts!!! LOL LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

How do I not become anonymous????