Thursday, August 31, 2006

Time to Hit the LONG BEACH!

Labor Day weekend has approached us-- the last official summer weekend...gosh where has this summer gone? It really has flown by hasn't it? Fall is just around the corner and you can feel and smell it in the air...For all of us in the Pacific Northwest we have had a wonderfully dry and warm summer--not to hot and not to cold --just right! and again this weekend we are lucky enough to be in the mid 80's all weekend which is just a treat for us! Some of the white bread fish smelling soggy lover old school Washingtonians wont like it this weekend but oh well- most of us will love it and hit the beach like this stud in his multi colored bikini in this pic..... NICE EH??

So Jeff and I and our dear friends are headed over to Long Beach Washington--its become our annual last weekend summer swaray and it has become a very nice tradition-- its also Jeff B day so its works out nicely....We rent beach cottages--take the dogs and just chill, eat and enjoy each others company ..This year we have 3 cottages and my mom and dad are going with Jeff and I as each cottage is a 2 bedroom --should be fun for them and us! I also decided to take a latch hook kit this year ( How gay!!!) and going to work on that for mamma cat to enjoy when Im done with it...Jeff is looking forward to his birthday weekend as he gets to ride horses on the beach again and we both and mom is looking forward to going to farmers market on Saturday morning - to the Bakery in town for fresh baked goods..campfires.. BBQ's...Flying our kites on the beach....Letting the dogs run freely on the beach and more.... We are also looking forward to going to some guys we know that just opened a famIly bar in town called the Full Circle Bar....Gay bar in long beach what a treat!!! In any event we are looking so forward to spending time with our good friends and just ending this summer of 2006 with a very special time and memory that will last a lifetime...Hope you have a nice labor day weekend too!!! Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT TIME!!! Wish we could be there. Happy Summers End to you all......

Lots of Aloha...xoxoxo