Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Trousersnake Gives Us the Bird...

I love JT..I totally understand why he would flip people off...maybe hes just pissed off about the gas prices? Nah.....he makes enough dough to not give a shit...he just hates the Pooporats---Anyhow I love JT--His music- his image- and his attitude..you can tell hes just a swell fella and hes cute too. His SEXY BACK cd drops soon--and again its the same time as another fave of mine that just dropped Ms Christina A--maybe they will tour again together.....Well Im looking forward to seeing him perform at the MTV dealio at the end of the month....hats off to Trousersnake... I love ya no matter what you say or do--your a real guys guy! and a mother darling too! SCORE!

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