Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Men of Dancing with the STARS!!!

Good- Joey Lawrence--Whoa! He looks strange--good dancer but kinda like a robot... something about him turns me off-- I don't know what it is..Can I trade up to a better and cuter Lawrence brother please? This one gives me the creeps....

Better- Harry Hamlin- What a stiff dancer! He need to shake it up a bit...what a looker though! Nothing like a good looking gentleman--doesn't his wife Lisa Rinna have something she can do to get this mans hips to move better and loosen him up? I bet I could if given the chance-ha! .Remember him form Making Love with Kate Jackson? LOVED HIM....hes still such a good looking hunk.. I like it that he a stiffy though!

Best- Mario Lopez- Va va va VOOM---So I am a major blonde boy lover--though I have had my fair share of other man hunks...this Latino is hot hot hot--what makes him hotter is when he speaks---This boy is so sweet and so friken cute and man can he moves like no ones business--I love a man that can move like this! JUST IMAGINE the possibilities!

I Love this you need to watch it too...Whats not to love when you watch these fellas that can drop it like is hot...drop it like its hot.....

Shout out to Vivican Fox too!!! Hey girl!!! LOVES IT!!!

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