Thursday, September 14, 2006

The New Sectional

So Jeff and I get a new sectional sofa this weekend for the living room or as my family always called it the parlor. It was suppose to arrive in 6-8 weeks but it arrived in an early 3 weeks... so I have a big weekend ahead of rearranging the pad...It the very sofa in this picture--- its a white/cream color and we love it!!! Sadly some of our friends wont be allowed on it as some of them are bunch of boar hogs if you know what I mean-- just kidding!!! I will have some lightweight body suits to put on just like the booties they bring or slip on when we get visitors at the abode--as no shoes are allowed on in our home! Its the whole being brought up in Hawaii thing as no shoes are allowed in our home just like the Japanese...Shit I bet you can eat off the floors at our home ! Its all a blame for our mothers! My mom was a neat freak cleanaholic too! But I like the policy..Our home is alot cleaner and smells nice all the time! As a matter of fact my dear mother was with us at Costco Home when we bought this 3 weeks ago......It was a choice of tan khaki, red tomato or green olive and then this white putty one..Mom, I and Jeff all said at the same time--the white one!! It will make our living room pop I hope and I will have to post it once bust a move this weekend and figure out how the hell I plan to arrange my parlor....Its going to be so regal West Elm!!! Loves its....The Costco Home store is pretty cool and the price was right too! I hope the movers look like my boy Colin too!

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