Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Well this is a public service anouncement--well with out the buzzing noise- actually some of you you may hear the buzzing noise as you are buzzed off that last toke of ganjarella or shot of tequilla you just took a swig of you lush puppys.

Adventures of a RAD ASS HOMO will be on vacation for a few days...I wont have time to blog and bring you my lame gossip, thoughts and most importantly the hot to trot beef cake I provide for you boys to get your boners going so you can punch the munchkin and you girls going so you can get those god awful screaming thigh sweats...Moan moan.....yikes!

On another note-- I have a secret person that will be doing a Q and A next week on my blog--its my very first one and its very exciting-- I will say he is quite a looker and a VERY handosme fellow that happens to be on one of the hottest shows on the tube right now!!! So stay tuned for that!

Hopefully I will be back by early next week sometime!!! Aloha !!!

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