Friday, September 15, 2006

Tom Cruise and His Buddy BIG RED this is old news that freak boy Tom Cruise is a known homosexual... and for those that didn't even know he was rumored to be gay in the first place....please pick up the clue phone as it has beeen ringing for a long time.....In any event ....I dont think we gays want to even have him anyhow...

So to those certain people who flinch and raise your stupid ass eyebrows at my wild accusations and such and think “oh, you just think everyone is gay,” I can finally point to some evidence that, at the very least, there are others who think Cruise is a big faggott!
Along with Jason Preistley, Antonio Bandares, Garth Brooks, Randy Travis, and Andrea Boccelli.

Hollywood insider Paul Barresi has wriiten a tell-all book profiling Anthony Pellicano, the infamous Hollywood P.I. In the first chapter, which has been exclusively released on Hollywood Interrupted, Barresi recounts the story of a young porn star and escort named Big Red. So Red reveals that he has had sexual encounters with a number of male celebrities, most notably Tom Cruise.

Ok so I have to say this Big Red and his story may not be true, but what the hay---He even mentions the others and I dont know about you.... but Garth or Andrea isnt somethng to brag about....icky!! But that makes this story more belieable in a way...

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