Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Words Worst Beards!

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Who would make the world’s worst beard?
We know there are marriages of convenience—especially in Hollywood where the closet looms large. So we want to know which famous woman you think would make (or has made) the world’s worst beard.

Results for the question:
Who would make (or has made!) the world’s worst beard?
Liz Taylor7.5%Carrie Fisher1.1%Kathy Griffin9.2%Liza Minnelli44.6%Diane von Furstenberg3.6%Margaret Cho11.0%Nicole Kidman18.4%Cary Grant4.7%

1 comment:

matty said...

Hi! LOL! Well, I don't think Ms. Cho would ever stoop to help someone stay in a closet! I guess Nicole Kidman was an excellent beard for some time until she found real love. So, my bet would be Liza. I mean, marrying Liza to make everyone think you're straight. ...why bother?

...tho, it might be interesting to hang out as Liza's hubby for a week or so. If only someone could get hold of those video tapes -- we could all see what it would be like!!! Damn!

But, Liza with a Z gets my vote for the world's worst beard!