Friday, October 27, 2006

10,000 Served!!!

Started this for fun and it has been alot of fun for sure!...I didnt get into this for the visitor factor but my counter hit 9999 today and I guess it is kinda fun to say 10,000 has been served a dose of RAD ASS....

Thanks for stopping in everyone! And for all of youe out there that have become friends and such--you all know who you are! --thanks a bunch... Love ya tons! and thanks for all your encouragement and fun times.... Cheers to all and bravo for RAD ASS MEN!!! ~~~~ love ya all ...... me xoxoxoxoxoxox


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Anonymous said...

Congrats to you Rad Ass!!
You have a great site and I feel blessed that I have been apart of your past and have been able to enjoy your thoughts and humor all these 27 years. The best to you....Jennifer H.(aka....your Grace)