Monday, October 16, 2006

Dinner-- the Pumpkin Patches- Movies on the Sectional...
Had a wonderful weekend!!! ...First we started off the weekend on Friday night with a triple date--- We and the girls (Starla and Val) headed over to the beautiful new home of some new friends ---Leanne and Joseph--they invited us all over for a dinner----Joesph happens to be a chef so he prepared this really elegant dinner for the 6 of us---it was served in courses and took approx 4-5 hours for us to go through the whole entire dinner! It was all so spectacular--butter squash soup-crusted filled chicken--fresh roasted pork- fresh salad with strawberrys and candied walnuts-tropical sorbets- -and the dessert(s) alone was to die for---A flan, a warm chocolate mudslide dessert and coconut tiramisu! It was simply splendid and the company was top notch to match.. I drank alot of wine and was super surprised that I got up for Fallgasim Saturday ready to go!

Saturday headed out for our fall day with the girls as planned and had a great time as we went from farm to farm and to a few nursery's...Picked up Corn Stalks from Shotz Farm...Some winter pansies, kale plants and mums to add to the yard and planters for some fall and winter color from a cute little nursery farm....Got some Halloween goodies from Spooners Farm and picked up all our Halloween pumpkins and squash and such from this cute little P patch called the SCARY patch... It was truly a wonderful fall day! It will be in our memory's forever.... Then on Saturday night we headed over to my parents home for Dads 61st b day..It was small-- all the Hawaiian family came--dinner-cake- present...Hula.....Jeff and I got home around 1030ish and passed out..

Sunday-- We did nothing--well we did get up to clean the house and then gave the dogs a nice bath--Then went out and rented 3 movies and pretty much just relaxed on the sectional all day with the kids as it rained outside in our clean house and the clean dogs!

Got to enjoy 3 new gay flicks..

Say Uncle-- With Queer As Folks Peter Paige
Adam and Steve--My favorite of the three!!
Hellbent--Spooky sexy!-gay boys getting beheaded for Halloween!

It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday! and a perfect way to end a marvelous weekend!


Anonymous said...

Those girls are hotties, I can see why you hang out with them! He He!!

Chris said...

Your all so hot, your totally bringing sexy back!!