Thursday, October 26, 2006

Magazine Cover of the Year-

2006 Best News Cover Winner
The New Yorker (February 27, 2006) – Illustrated “Watch Your Back Mountain” featuring George W. Bush and Dick Cheney
Nowadays, news is covered instantly on the Internet and on the talk and news shows, and expanded upon in newspapers and newsweeklies, making it increasingly difficult for anyone to say anything original. Yet that’s what Mark Ulriksen managed in this “Watch Your Back Mountain” cover. Published when the movie Brokeback Mountain was about to be released, Ulriksen’s image evokes both the smugness of a vice president implicated in catastrophe and the cluelessness of a president incapable of stopping him. The image shows a couple of hapless chaps, prisoners of their fate and unable to alter the course of events they have set in motion--See more here-

DUMBFUCK MOUNTAIN would be my pick for the Cover of the year....

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