Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Meet the ROLOFFS:

Little People Big World

So one of my favorite shows on TV is this treasure...I watched the entire first season due to one of those marathons---you know how it goes --you watch one episode of the marathon ---get hooked and then you end up watching the whole season eating bon bons all day on the sofa.... I enjoyed it alot though and I was super happy to see it back with a new season 2 this last week....So far its 2 episodes in and its just as good as the first...It really is a family reality/drama and I simply love it...It touches my heart and reminds me of growing up with my family--I also see alot of this family in our friends the Westons and the Walters...they are raising kids the right way as far as Im concerned.... Lots of love and tolerance and I don't know--- its just a certain something--you don't see it in most familys these days at all ----but you do here----GOD I LOVE IT!! Check it out...

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