Monday, October 02, 2006

Melissa Gilbert
Likes to
do it with DOGS!

Well her character in Nip Tuck does!

Did you watch Nip Tuck last night?...Melissa Gilbert guest starred and she was using peanut butter so her dog would fuck her--- as she was very lonely due to her husband being away on military leave....Her husband found out and killed the poor dog and dumped it out of a duffel bag on the examination table as she was getting a consultation for her breast from Christian! Gosh!... Laura Ingalls has come a long way and I think has now surpassed Nellie in the whore,gross out and lets shock the hell out of you department..Yikes!! Hey Melissa you succeeded girl by taken a role that is so fricken gross...what I guess makes it believable is I can see Melissa Gilbert wanting to do it with a dog...maybe thats why Im grossed out so much! .......Isn't she the SAG president still? I don't know but she is so kinda crazy!

Then Dr. Sean McNamara ( my Love Dylan Walsh aka Ryan O Neil fantasy) ate some Ganja Brownies and starts to see all his women past, present, and future get fucked up the butt by some icky tattooed man... Is this show turning into porn? I only saw the last 1/2 hour as I had come in late form WICKED!!!!

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