Monday, October 23, 2006

MENS VOGUE Has Arrived...
So Men's Vogue has arrived at your newsstand---ta da!!! And so who do you think is going to be the target audience? GAYS? as its only compo is GQ and Details---its going to be like a closeted OUT mag is my so many mens mags are--no men read them just us fags and closet cases. Whens the last time you saw super straight boy looking through a GQ? They would rather look through a Womens Day hoping to see some panty or flesh flash on ANY girl.... speaking of OUT ....who doesn't like the new format--Im still 50/50 on it as I don't like the new small print and layout--it doesn't seem updated more like outdated...Hmmmmm...I guess Ill give it a few more months until I really bitch about it..they better pump up the storys and flesh shots.

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