Thursday, November 30, 2006

3 Swollen Puananis On The Loose..

Is this Really News? ... so I guess I will mention it as well ...but not because I want to...but because it was requested by Grace and Jim-- And since it was requested by that sexy and cute Jim --well here take on this craziness....

So these last few weeks these 3 SKANKS have been reported to be juicing all over Hollywood......You cant read or go anywhere-- blogs, newspapers, magazines, sheeesh...even major news networks are tracking this hilarity on how these three skanks are out on the town--Lindsay Hobag...Paris Willmountanyting and Brittany Spookynani. Latest news this am (if you want to call it that) was that Britt was caught without panties at some gas station or something...Britt is so white trash... so is this even surprising? Remember the whole barefoot in the public restroom pics? yikers!

I will just say just this---These three gals are all trashy--rich trash mind you so I hate them! ha! I can bet they all have some seriously stinky ripe puananis-- and I don't mean a good ripe...So for all you boys out there may run into this skank patrol as they make rounds in bars and discos near you. If you do decide to enter these dark, wet and I wouldn't doubt....super swollen caverns (lots of action you know) better make sure you have industrial gloves on your munchkin manhood when you enter that hot mess of a love tunnel ..I bet its like acid gina man!!! all may be better off punching the munchkin at home!
Jim.... please send a pic of you punching the munchkin (or is it not a munchkin? Grace told me it was more like the Wizard of OZ!! if you decide to take this route...I would love that and so would my readers....LOL!
Love ya!!! xoxox RAD


Anonymous said...

I've still got tears in my eyes!!!! You are frickin' hilarious!!!!!!!!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

And she blammed that odor on her we all know the truth!

You're right, it's not really news. But it sure is fun seeing the 3 stubble queens making fools of themselves.

Big E, Thanks for the smile, the laugh and the tears. Please say hello to Jeff too. Happy Holidays.

Enjoy Victoria, I'll be leaving Kansas now...:)

Jim (Slim)