Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Shopping For friends and Family or Me?

As Donnie says at his blog- Famous Like Me-

I've gone "Christmas shopping" on three separate occasions so far in the past week and each time I come home with stuff for me, but nothing for anyone else.

Yes its the same for me!~....I do the same thing!

One for someone on my list, 5 items that is perfect for me! and gosh its on sale so I cant pass it up!!! more for someone on my list....5 more things for me...its a vicious cycle for someone with a bad addiction called SHOPPING~!

This is not good kids! At this rate I should be done shopping maybe by Christmas eve and now have a whole new wardrobe, skin care and grooming line regime and my home completely re furnished and re decorated. YIKES! Save me!

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