Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ok-- Now Santa a Gal? funny what you find while on the internet....

In Latin and Spanish, "San" is used before the names of male saints, such as San Juan, San Luis Obispo, and San Diego

Also, "Santa" is used before the names of female saints, such as Santa Maria, and Santa Lucia.From this linguistic Blipge we can determine that Saint Nicholas somehow morphed into Santa Claus.

This would seem to indicate one of two things:

1. Santa Claus is in fact a lady who is cross dressed in a man's outfit, complete with fake beard. This would be a real encouragement to the feminists to agitate for equal hiring and affirmative action to see more lady Santa Clauses.

2. Santa Claus is a gay male who is using a female name as some sort of signal to the gay community. This certainly fits the ancient Babylonian nature of Christmass.

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