Monday, December 04, 2006

What a BUSY weekend..

Got the basement floors done! It looks pretty good too!( Due to the 2 floods that made life for us a pain in the ass!) Im just glad the Seattle monsoons are now over ...We had dry weather all weekend and just alot of fog......which enable us to do alot this weekend....So the basement is now a living space again...Got to move all the stuff back into the basement from the garage, thus freeing up the garage again so we can park in it and most importantly I was able to get to our Christmas bins! So we moved everything back into the basement--set it up somewhat, Cleaned the garage out--Did some minor yard work--decorated the entire house for Christmas inside ( Tree,Garlands, Mantle,Christmas Village.. etc) and then did the same outside ( lights, snowman, giant wreath, trees, etc)...The lights we hung around the house off the gutters are for sure our favorite thing this year!! .....They are those New LED lights...They use very little electricity and all that---They are pink, purple, blue, red, gold and green...They remind us of a GAY rainbow...It looks fabulous and cars slow done to look at our house--that's always nice.......Needless to say we are both in pain from the marathon weekend of work....I think laying spread eagle on the roof on Saturday evening together in 30 something degree weather might have something to do with our joints feeling a little fatigue!

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