Friday, January 12, 2007

Danny Pintauro

Well, if Whos the Boss actor Danny's P's goal was to get himself back in the media eye, he sure made it happen with those pics that are all over the net of him in his jock showing off the one eyed moe! But I wont do that to him--plus they were a little crude...Sorry Danny.... Found this pic on his address. You know I think hes just a gay man who is looking for love or sex. And as the "Predator Boys Blog"-Now "So I was Thinking Blog" says ---that's no different than the rest of us. So, let's recoil our collective finger-pointing and realize we is one of him and he is one of us. Now, let's all join hands and sing "Kum-ba-ya"

So dang funny! I agree! LOL

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kelly said...

cute very cute...