Friday, January 26, 2007

Katie Holmes-Lesbian
Chris Klien-Homo
Tom Cruise- Super Homo

This was sent to me this am....Frankly, I'm not even surprised as I have said this many times before....There are many marriages of this sort--you know beards!--they happen often and it really isn't my business...but....its fun....I don't think its wrong nor do I think its right...I do know that its something I just say to people..Like John Travolta is gay and Tom Cruise is gay--etc etc its just so obvious! And then there are those that get all bent--The straights scream--you just want everyone to be GAY cause you are!....yada yada...I'm sure you all have heard this as well. This is simply not true....It just a fact that Tom Cruise is a big fag that likes it up the caboose! Heres the tidbit sent to me this am from a friend that saw this on another blog......

Chris Klien from the American Pie Movies is from Hindale IL-Its a snotty suburb in Chicago-A girl I work with is from there and said that she knows he is Gay and that he is actually dating a guy friend of hers. She also said that's she think Katie Holmes is a lesbian. Which totally makes sense with her completely retarded relationship with that fag Tom Cruise.

Now, looking at Chris, its pretty clear he is a big giant homo.

Again, I you cant really prove shit like this. but i'll gladly be the source who would say it in a tabloid.....

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