Monday, January 08, 2007

Seahawks Win Over Cowboys..

So we went to see Dreamgirls over the weekend.....Took our BBF The Lip Sticks and my ma and pa...everyone loved it and cried...I cried a bit at the we are family song...but thats about it...Loved the movie tons and really enjoyed it on the big screen at the old Cinerama downtown---went to early dinner after the movie-- then got back home in time... so dad put the playoff game on as he is an avid football fan and like the rest of Seattle right now in a football frenzy ......So we all ended up watching the game...Now don't get me wrong-- I like football..Watched it growing up- ALOT.......but nowadays, I have other things I would rather shop or go to a movie or put hot pokers up my ass ....but I have to say ....this game was really fun to was like a tug of war...a comedy of errors would maybe be a more appropiate term but I was on the edge of my seat the whole game! We all were screaming and cheering and jumping and making big fools of ourselves--wait a minute dont we do the same for the Nordstrom 1/2 yearly sales? But anyhow I think I lost weight and lost my voice in the process......Best thing was the loads of hot men in tight football pants...My fave was cowboy Tony Romo....He was the man!!! But had a really ruff game and not the good ruff...I think whomever would of won this game was lucky! So the Seahawks was lucky.....Will see what happens this next week...

Go Seahawks....Pic of cute Cowboy Tony Romo

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