Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mars Company Snicker Response

So I sent a comment about the whole snicker bowl thing to Master Foods yesterday...Just wanted to let them know my disappointment...Was surprised I got a
e- mail this morning from them-- Nice to know if you voice a concern it is addressed..

Here it is...

In response to your email regarding SNICKERS BRAND .
As with all of our SNICKERS Brand advertising, our goal was to capture the attention of our core SNICKERS consumer.
Feedback from our target consumers has been positive. In addition, many media and website commentators of this year's Super Bowl commercial line-up ranked the commercial among this year's top ten best. USA Today ranked it #9 of its top ten pick.
We know that humor is highly subjective and understand that some people may have found the ad offensive. Clearly that was not our intent. Consequently, we do not plan to continue to air the ad on television or on our SNICKERS Brand website.
Please be assured that we appreciate your feedback and value you as a consumer. We will continue to forward your comments on to our Marketing Managers.
Consumer Care
Masterfoods USA
A Division of Mars, Incorporated


Crazy Eddie said...

I'm not really sure what I felt when I saw the commercial. It seems Snickers wanted to be sorta safe with the whole thing, as they immediately cut away from the kiss and covered it up with the whole let's do something macho thing...

They shoulda screwed, then America would collectively keel over and croak.

RAD Homo said...
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RAD Homo said...

Commercial was really funny--I liked it and didnt have a big prob with was the on line stuff-- extra add ons to the the commercial of FB players and such grossing out over it all....that was uncalled for...Other than that it was a hoot! I wish they screwed too!! LOL