Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tom Lowe-

The Male Escort that almost became Americas Next American Idol

Ok... so we AI watchers already had our gaydars beeping like a mother whenever Tom Lowe hit the screen in pre AI shows.. Well other things happened besides the beeping but thats TMI...But now some news has come out about his connection to the male escort world-va va va voom....Here is one of his 'working' pics.....Seems this talented dude once served his public rather well as a rentboy early on in his career. With those good looks are we at all shocked? Rumor also has it that there might be a connection between Simon Cowell and Lowe, imagine that? Dating back to his sex-for-hire days. It’s common knowledge that Cowell had signed Lowe to a recording contract years ago for his British label. It is sad that he was cut from the competition before the top 24 were picked. Phooey! Not alot of eye candy for us this season....I would of called in for his looks alone forget the singing!


Anonymous said...

I heard an interview with this guy--he was not an escort that picture was for a college magazine art shoot and he was signed to a label Simon worked for but had never met Simon. People this year in the top 12 were strippers, boy band members, and had record deals. Just shows the hypocrisy of AI

Anonymous said...

You might want to take this down This guy is English. He could sue you in the UK since slander laws are much different than the USA. You would have to prove this in court - in England - and it would cost lot of money. Had a similar situation with a friend of mine - living in Oregon - who did some blog on a UK citizen. The family sued (you never know if the person - such as this guy) come from money. And the UK lawyers were able to get a judgement and attached the guy's income in Oregon. Since you are writing this blog from Hawaii - you might want to check with an attorney. Also, in the UK if you lose you pay all costs including the other person's attorney fees. Just thought I'd let you know. I'm a a law student doing a piece on these things and came across the blog.