Thursday, February 15, 2007

Whats The Hecks In My Cocktail?

Val and I on New Years eve...Also what is up with my shirt? Don't say I don't post blackmail pics of myself! Horrors..My sweetie Val looks cute....She wont like this pic though.....I love the necklaces!!....She looks kinda stoned as she is squinting but she is ready with the reach for cocktail number 11--he he.....God... a cocktail sounds good right it Friday yet?


Gina Bruce said...


I've been toying with posting a real picture of me some time. I think there are still some peeps out there who think I'm a vag.

Val looks like 10 kinds of fun.

I understand your need for a cocktail . This has been a looooong week.

Have a great weekend!

M- Filer said...

What kind of cocktail is that anyway? It looks chartreuse. Pear Martini?

Your friend has a lovely necklace.

Crazy Eddie said...

Hey, you're a hottie... you know, in case you weren't aware and all...

So, is Vern your hag?

Love your shirt. Sexxxxy.