Friday, March 02, 2007

Katherine Heigl
Shes a keeper!!

Katherine Heigl has just released a response to the statement ABC/Touchstone made a couple of days ago regarding her contract snafu.

“I am embarrassed that this has become a public matter and disappointed that Touchstone felt it necessary to divulge private employment information. I had hoped I would be able to deal with this issue confidentially with my bosses. I dropped out of the renegotiation simply because I wanted to treat myself with the respect I was not getting from them. No matter how unhappy I am about their decision to respond to this publicly, I continue to be passionate about and committed to this character.”

Seriously, the drama behind the scenes at Grey's Anatomy is starting to get even better than what's on the screen! An interesting side note: sources say that Heigl had a similar experience when she worked at Roswell—she stood up for herself for not making the same as her costars. Don't you just love this girl?

Still, bottom line, we are told Heigl is under contract for three more seasons at Grey's. And even if she did leave the show, she could not work anywhere else without being penalized a hefty sum. So, it looks like Izzie Stevens will be staying put! Yippee...

News from E Online...Love the E!!

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Anonymous said...

Love her, hate the way she is being treated by ABC.