Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The 787 Dreamliner!
Boeing's first all-new plane in 12 years, has already won a record 677 orders, including 27 from Air India and 10 from Jet Airways, worth more than $100 billion, making it the most successful launch in the company's history.Boeing rolled out its lightweight, carbon-composite plane on Sunday, described as a super-efficient flier that will provide new solutions for airlines and passengers.The mid-sized, long-range jetliner was unveiled at a colourful ceremony at the company's Everett, Washington plant, about 50 km north of Seattle on Sunday in front of 15,000 cheering employees, customers and suppliers. Among the guests were Air India chairman and managing director Vasudevan Thulasidas and Jet Airways chairman Naresh Goyal.The plane nosed its way into the main doors of Boeing's plant as the giant screen split apart after an hour-long ceremony hosted by former TV news anchor Tom Brokaw.Thousands more watched the event live at Qwest Field stadium in Seattle, and Boeing broadcast the ceremony in 45 countries in nine languages on satellite television.. Very Cool!!

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