Monday, July 23, 2007

BECKMANS Welcome Dinner
with the Cruises and Smiths

Looks like a welcome dinner over the weekend eh?

Tommy Cruise- What the hell? He looks like a dork-- his face looks like it got his daily botox injection this week but that suit-- not good--he looks like a midget next to Katie

Katie Cruise Holmes-- Looks like shes on her meds to keep her happy-- she looks pretty good-tall and medicated.

Posh Spice Beckham- Robot girl looks pretty good too - well except for her weird face shes making-- wait.... that's one of poses! Do you think she does alot of coke? Shes a stick..

David Beckham- Cute cute cute! Only problem-- he has on to much clothing...LOL

Jada Pukett Smith- YUCK! Guaranteed she called Spice and she wore an outfit that was similar just because shes like that...This lady makes me ill. Sorry I am so not into Jada...

Will Smith- Why the suit?-- yikes! Bad news bears man!!!..No getting jiggy in this.....Shiny can be cool but this is not good at all!

I am hoping this is a after dinner picture-- so they have an excuse for this mess!

1 comment:

M- Filer said...

They all look like shit, every fucking one of them...except for Becks. He is pefect.

Worst: Tom Cruise
2nd. Worst: Jada
3rd. Worst: Will Smith
4th Worst: Katie...big and goofy

Posh always has that stupid look on her face, at least she has a hot body and she came with Beckham so screw it.