Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy 4th!

Here comes another holiday! Been so flippin busy!!! It will be real nice to get some time off and get stuff done...Jeff's aunts just moved in with us a few weeks ago from California....They will stay with us while they get situated in Seattle....We plan to head over to a small town (Olympia) for a good old fashion 4th of July parade for the 4th- And waiting on invites for that night! he he....Maybe we will have a small gathering..hmmmm...then we are both off this Thursday and Friday-- So its 5 day weekend!! YAHOO!!! so I plan to relax and enjoy some summer weather that is forecast for Seattle!! hi 80's!! OMG!!! BTW-- Baby got back dont ya say........Firecracker firecracker boom boom boom....the boys got the back..... Have a safe and insane 4th!!!


Christopher said...

Oh my damn....Baby gots back for real!

Crazy Eddie said...

I had the greatest time this past 4th...

Wish you were there to spend it with me... had the best time ever!!

Everything is still a bit foggy (I almost ran into a wall at work this morning).