Thursday, July 12, 2007

Heatwave Almost Over....

SEATTLE -- Cooling centers were open in many Western Washington locations on Wednesday afternoon as temperatures crept toward -- or exceeded -- record highs for the day.
The temperature at Sea-Tac Airport hit 98 degrees breaking the record for this date of 95, set in 1951,! Not only is it a record, but it is one of a handful of times when Sea-Tac has hit the upper 90s in the last 10 years!
The all-time high for Sea-Tac Airport is 100, set on July 20, 1994-- Thursday's hi temps will be a bit better with a high of 85 degrees which should continue into the weekend.

High temperatures for Wednesday:
Shelton: 100
Bremerton: 99
Olympia: 99 (Daily record high)
Seattle: 98 (Daily record high, ties fourth warmest day recorded)
Renton: 96
Tacoma: 95
Friday Harbor: 95 (Don't know, but that has to be an all-time record for them)
Seattle (Boeing): 95
Bellingham: 94 (Ties all-time record high)
Port Angeles: 93
Arlington: 93
Gig Harbor: 91
Everett: 90

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