Monday, August 20, 2007

Shame Shame
Hollywood Reporter Outs Merv- What Bad Timing

The Hollywood Reporter has effectively blown the late Merv Griffin's closet door open for good... right on the day of his funeral service at a celeb-filled invitation-only funeral in Beverly Hills. This may just bother me but I think its kinda rude...I mean we all knew he was gay...We all pretty much knew he wanted it private-- we all know other stars like this....Its a hard question as the whether or not we should out many pros and cons on both sides...But jeez-- they wasted no time in this report-- I say shame shame to the Hollywood Reporter---they should know better or at least have some respect...This could of ran a week later or something...

Writes Ray Richmond for the industry bible: "Merv Griffin was gay.. Why should that be so uncomfortable to read? Why is it so difficult to write? Why are we still so jittery even about raising the issue in purportedly liberal-minded Hollywood, in 2007? Griffin, who died of prostate cancer Sunday at 82, stayed in the closet throughout his life. Perhaps he figured it was preferable to remain the object of gossip rather than live openly as 'one of them.' But how tremendously sad it is that a man of Merv's renown, of his gregarious nature and social dexterity, would feel compelled to endure such a stealthy double life even as the gay community's clout, and its levels of acceptance and equality, rose steadily from the ashes of ignorance. What a powerful message Griffin might have sent had he squired his male companions around town rather than Eva Gabor, his longtime good friend and platonic public pal. Imagine the amount of good Merv could have done as a well-respected, hugely successful, beloved and un closeted gay man in embodying a positive image


CJ said...

I can't quite fathom why it is so important for a celebrity to come out?????? Now granted, if someone is saying it's wrong or whatever and then he's snowballing at home I say thats of interest to out them. Just as it is a politician or man of the cloth that talks out of both sides of their mouth.
But in closing it would be great to have a sugar daddy like Merv. Now that's tacky. RIP Merv.

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Anonymous said...

It really depends on one's priorities - if the ultimate goal is to normalize the perception of gay people in all walks of life, then yes. I can understand the ideal but it is hard given that their salaries are dependent on how much the public and movie support their careers. Come to think of it, if one was at the end of one's life, what is there to lose in coming out?

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