Friday, August 24, 2007

Who Wants to Scream Like A Super Hero?

Last nights episode was a good one-- crawling through a tubing tunnel with snakes-spiders and rats! Poor mannequin like Parthenon screamed like a school girl...Stan called him on it.... Not very nice but it was funny-- Defuser got stuck in the tubing at one point and in the end whip snap was sent home this week--Great recap and comments below that sums it up from After Elton-
On last night's Who Wants to Be a Superhero, gay hero Parthenon yet again managed to avoid the bottom three (which he has yet to find himself in, if I'm not mistaken) but did get a slap on the wrists for ... well, for screaming like a girl during the challenge. Considering how gay last week's episode was, it was a bit disappointing to see Stan Lee come down on Parthenon for his mid-challenge shriek, as it seemed like they were saying that he needed to butch up or ship out. But at this point it's so obvious that the gay hero's Dudley Do-Right image is a tough nut for the competition to crack, and that the show is having a hard time finding anything about him to criticize.
Case in point: the "secrets from the heroes' past" segment, in which Doctor Black Party unearthed embarrassing information about the heroes to one another and to Stan Lee.
First up is Whip Snap, who apparently "borrowed" a friend's car (Stan says she stole it) and slept on the roof of a girl that she had a crush on. Okay, that's kind of embarrassing, yes. And a bit stalkery. But as much as we love Whip Snap for her tenacity, it's not like emotional stability has ever been her strong suit in this competition.
Hygena, meanwhile, harbors the secret wish to take burlesque dancing classes. Considering they teach pole dancing at my local gym and it's flocked to by all sorts of women, I don't see this as being any kind of terrible secret. Although I do love when Doctor Black Party holds up a feather boa as a clue to her secret and Hygena looks at it quizzically for a moment before guessing "...College?"
Hyper-Strike, meanwhile, got fired from a circus because he couldn't do a hands-free kip off of a gym floor during a performance. The best part about this is that it's communicated via a video of his circus pals pantomiming the event, which serves as a good reminder that, unlike the other heroes, Hyper's home life is actually less normal than running around in tights in a loft with a bunch of glitter-covered strangers.
We come to Parthenon and I actually get a little worried. First off, Doctor Black Party calls him "Fancy Pants," which is a bit odd considering all the men are wearing Spandex leggings. We see a video of Parthenon's partner at the gates of his house, and he notes that every room in the house has its own theme. Oh dear ... are we going to see Parthenon's dungeon? Or his Precious Moments room? This could get ugly.…
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Greg said...

I feel bad for not wacthing this season. And is it wrong that at first I thought Parthenon's hero name was Fruit Fly? (Oh, I am so going to have to return my toaster oven....)