Wednesday, September 05, 2007

BUSY as a BEE!!!

Been as busy as a bee......No time to post and blog...not even time to visit all the blogs I lova lova--hate it....Im feel like I am missing out-- will need a few days to catch up!

My hunnys B day was Monday so we had a fun filled Labor Day weekend- Had alot of get togethers, outings and of course drank alot-- still recouping!

His Aunts who was living with us moved out this last weekend as well ( the crowd roars!) they moved to a new nest and is starting a new life in Seattle. Its nice to have our home to ourselves again.

Still working out like mad-- Trying to lose as much as I can as we leave next Thursday for Hawaii!! So we are working out like demons and getting everything in order for the trip- Need to get in shape so I can post a bathing beauty pick while we are in the islands....ha! We are so looking forward to it...Only part I hate is leaving the kids-- Our shih tzus- Maile and Alika and our cat-Mamma...I wish they could go with us too....

Its our last weekend to get all in order--its going to be a busy one!!

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