Friday, November 16, 2007

Time to have fun and get dirty!
My cold has hit the road!!! I killed it with rest, soup and lots of juice! Hallelujah! Friday is here and I am so looking forward to the weekend. I need to get things done and of course have some fun...I will get going on some final needs for Thanksgiving done as we are host this years feastola. Need to also get some housework and yard work done- maybe bust out some Christmas decor... and for the fun part we are going to see Kathy Griffin tomorrow night and nothings better than a tickle to your funny bone--and we all know she will tickle you good....I can see us roaring with laughter with tears in our eyes!!!-- she is such a scream.......This should help lift my broken spirits---We also plan to go out for drinks and some dancing and hopefully meet up with some fellow bloggers.. So I am excited for the weekend....Hope you have a good one too!...Try to get dirty ok? I know I will be.....


Lewis said...

"Try to get dirty"???
Oh, you bad bad boy.

Mark in DE said...

Wow, what a "dirty" photo!

I heart Kathy Griffin!!! She's awesome. Hope you had a fabulous time.