Friday, January 18, 2008

Project Runway- Goodbye Kit!
My Recap For This Week

Challenge was to design an avant-garde dress using their model’s hair as inspiration and the designers were paired up....
Rami struggled with his partner, Sweet P. And of course Rami designed yet another toga dress.... Poor P had to deal with Rami and his ego...P designed a nice essence piece to go along with the toga dress..Go Sweet P!
Using 45 yards of fabric, Christian and Chris created a look based on their model’s braided hair, which had tiered, circular ruffles. It was a total avant-garde piece!!! It was cool! They were big headed and thought they would win...well of course ...they did!!!

Victorya and Jillian’s model, who was wearing her hair pulled into bunches that formed a faux mohawk struggled to create an avant-garde outfit. But they ended up with not one but three distinct looks that was really pretty cool..But I still loath Victoryawn and her sour puss face......
Kit and Ricky designed a garment that had increasingly concentric hoops as a skirt. Nina Garcia said “everything looked amateur" Michael Kors said it looked like “you ripped the sheets off the bed and ran out the door”. LOL!
In the end Kit went home--AND AGAIN CRY BABY RICKY was spared!
WTF! Rami and Ricky should of been the final 2.....Not Kit and Rami....Ricky should go home already! nuff said!!! Rami should go home if we see another toga dress or more braided fabric from his tired ass!
Kit and Kevin were ROBBED!


Lewis said...

Project Runway? I thought it was about an aiport when I saw the title of your post. That shows you were my mind is!

joe*to*hell said...


wah wah ricky needs to go the hell away. makes me embarrassed to be a sensitive gay!

sweet p alllll the way

Timmy said...

Good summary of the show. I liked Victoria and Jillian's design and it's too bad they couldn't call it a tie.

Rami and his "draping". I guess he can't do anything more than that. And I'm tired of Ricky. Go home already.

And Michael Kors really has a way with words. He usually makes me LOL.

M- Filer said...

This week will be Ricky's last stand. Rami isn't going anywhere, he's this years "Santino" and they will want him on until the end. That's my guess.

Kit's dress sucked.