Friday, January 11, 2008

Project Runway Recap
Is the Judges On Crack? Goodbye Kevin....

Pictured- Christian and the beast!

I think this weeks episode was one of the most disappointing outcomes in Project Runway history! Are the judges on crack this season? Cry baby Ricky should of went home...Christian and Ricky should of been in the bottom 2 this week and cry baby should of went home not Kevin!

*Sweet P and Chris made the best dresses--hands down! They were robbed!

*Victoria's dress not only looked tacky, but it was VERY cheap in appearance as well. What the hell were the judges thinking?!?! I'm sorry but she should have been gone 2 challenges ago. Plus is it me or is she a SOUR PUSS? She comes across as a major crotch. Her dress was so K mart clearance rack....I cant believe it won....I hope she goes home soon.

*Rami needs to learn that toga's are NOT dresses. And he need to choose better shirts to wear for himself...Whats with the sheer disco Danny shirts?

* Christian's biggest issue was he had a plus sized model and didn't buy enough fabric to cover her properly. She looked like a chocolate poof....She was a 4 eyed monster with a motor mouth .....It really is sorta her fault his designed failed-We all know Christian has come across as pompous and arrogant ninny but this really showed he is sort of a push over which means he is a nice guy as this beast really bullied him!.

*If Kevin would have made the dress a bit longer the outcome may have been different. It wasn't the worst that's for sure! Kevin should of not gone home....Cry baby Ricky should have..

*Jillian's dress wasn't bad, but it looked more like a dress for a beach wedding or something.*Kit's dress was not "prom". It was more of a jester color block deal-- what was the deal with the straps? It looked like suspenders on a prom dress?

*Ricky's dress was gross and the color washed the girl out. The fit was bad and hem was super yuck.


M- Filer said...

I don't totally agree with you, but you are absolutly right about Ricky. UGLY! Damn what were they thinking, that dress had not one redeeming quality-- it was wrong, just wrong.

Chris did well as did Jillian again. I hated Rami's dress, but I think he is going to be inthe final 3, he is talented.

My pick for Fashion Week:


Alpha Omega said...

Ricky was horrible.

Loved Sweet P

Kevin is a totally hotty--that alone should have kept him there.

Christian...felt sorry for him becaue he realized he was not a fierce as he thought.

Kit's dress rocked...

Mark in DE said...

I think Christian is a good designer, and I LOVE his sense of humor. He cracks me up! And I love that he's just gay and so what. He doesn't feel the need to apologize for being effinate; he's just being himself. Its a fun show.

Mark :-)

Greg said...

I thought Victoria's dress looked like an IKEA bag.

Timmy said...

Every week I wonder why Ricky is still around.