Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Oscar Goes To-

I have decided to come out of the closet and admit ENCHANTED was my favorite movie of the year. My Oscar would go to this superb movie. All around it was my favorite and best movie of the year hands down! The acting and humor was brilliant thanks to the awesome performances of Amy Adams and James Marsden. Amy Adams really makes you love the character of Giselle. Not only is she funny, she hits the emotion in the movie really well and just charms the hell out of you. Patrick Dempsey and Susan Sarrandon also do a wonderful job in the movie. I loved and adored all the characters so much- even the animated ones! Of course the costumes and production design in this movie were perfect and beautiful.

I also truly adored the love story as well---There's a scene right towards the end where Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey dance with each other which is just so beautiful and perfect! It made me cry and thus made it one of my favorite movie scene of the year if not ever! It all came back to me the other night as I was watching the performances on the Oscars. All the music from the movie was so good and now I need to go download it. Frankly, I'm surprised at myself as I hadn't done this yet!!! I guess I lost time during the holidays and it slipped further down the to do list in my head..... Its hard to choose a favorite song as I love all the music in the movie but if I had to choose one it would be "That's How You Know".....I already see myself with my swifter duster this weekend cleaning away to the soundtrack....I am sooo gay!

So why is it my favorite movie of the year? I think its the mere fact that I wanted to watch the movie over again immediately after seeing it and that speaks volumes on how much I enjoyed it. Its a feel good love story that they just don't make anymore and of course I'm just a boy that's a sucker for a prince and a love story..... A boy can dream cant he?


Mark in DE said...

With your gleaming recommendation, I'll have to add it to my Netflix queue.

Mark :-)

Lewis said...

I did like the music/dancing from this movie during the Oscars. Haven't seen themovie. Probably won't.

Joe in the OC said...

Wow, I could've written this same emotion on my blog. I'll just live vicariously through yours and also admit it was my favorite film of the year as well. I was blasting the CD in my car on the way home today and it made me so f'in happy I did start to cry all over again. We are both Soo Gay! Love it. ;)

FitnessNerd said...

It was cute, but it didn't move me like that.

Waitress and Hot Fuzz are my votes for favorite movies of 2007. You need to see Waitress if you haven't already. Hot Fuzz is only if you like droll, British humor. :)