Friday, March 14, 2008

A Few Of This Weeks....
Television Goodbyes
I was super pleased and happy that Fatima and Amis were both at the bottom of the pack this week On America Next Top Model-because they're both very annoying. I actually feel like Amis might have been able to pull it together I was hoping for scary Fatima to go as she is a pain in the ass and I hope she goes away real soon. Goodbye crazy Amis!

Goodbye Idol David Hernandez- I don't think it was your time! I know either did you! That cook gal should of went back to Selma...Wish you the best in your endeavors!
Aloha to Who Wants To be a Super Model Casey Skinner....I think it was time for you to go....I think we will see you on the runway and this was a good launch pad for you! Your only 19 years old a baby! Good luck Casey!

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Mark in DE said...

Yeah, this week's eliminations were surprising to me.

Hope you voted for RONNIE last night!

Mark :-)