Thursday, March 20, 2008

JP Calderon
Janice Dickinsons Models

First off-- Ran across this ad in a few of my publications this last month or so.......I love Janice and her show and its nice to see she gets her models lots of work for sure! I see them in so many ads-- Andrew Christian, GoSoftwear and Rufskin to name a few....They are used in so many gay friendly brands and undies! So no complaints here....the season finale was funny as she booted her partner out....I look forward to its return next season....Another cool is her model JP Calderon....I like the guy alot and he looks hotter than ever these days .......but is it just me or does the dude only have one look? Check it out...its a great look but I think he should change it up a bit...or maybe its the folks that choose which ones to print.....whatever the case...hes scorching hot but needs a new face pose or something....


Mark in DE said...

I agree with you that JP Calderon is super hot. I like him even better with a little bit of a scruffy face.

His look does seem to be pretty much the same all the time, but as you suggested, this may be due to those selecting the photos we see.

Mark :-)

romach said...

I like him with a bit of stubble on his face too, but he should defo try some new facial poses!