Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Last Nights Idol Boys
My take

Jason Castro performed “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen-- Nice voice on this fella eh? So very smooth and hes a VERY likable guy too-- you can just tell hes a sweetie.....That fricken hair still has to go- But I do wonder if its his lucky charm? Again he would be so Zac Efron if he got rid of it!
Michael Johns performs “Don’t You Forget About Me” - It was good--He rocked it out....I think he should stay a little longer....I hope he does as he is nice to watch ....He still reminds me of Heath Ledger......Those sexy Australians.....Did anyone happen to catch the wife and "FRIEND"-- Who's the friend? Now he was quite the HOTTIE!

Luke Menard performed “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” and what a dum dum, as it was another poor song choice, which unfortunately just determined Lukeys fate on Thursday. Goodbye Luke....Such a cutey of a dum dum too-- so sad! I think Paula choreographed the original Wham version? She was babbling about the 2 toned Dolphin shorts....Gosh do you remember those 2 toned and striped Dolphin shorts? Man those were the cool shorts too circa 1981! Ok now I am babbling....

David Archuleta performed “Another Day in Paradise” by Phil Collins-- As usual it was super perfect and awesome-- hes in the top 2 no matter what as Simon comments......I concur...He did however come across as not so perfect this week-- had a few pitch probs.....but who cares.......he has that voice like an angel....

David Hernandez performed “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” by Meatloaf....David might OF BEEN a stripper but who cares-- does it really matter? David sang his heart out and I liked it! He deserves another week as he sings well! Go stripper go!

David Cook performed “Hello” by Lionel Richie ..It was really great- A great rocking version of it and as usual he has that awesome rocker voice......I really get the vibe that he will go on to be quite a famous fella....In his own band and such .....He wont be an Idol.....but who cares really.....he has so many fans and it can only get better for this cute rocker boy.

Chikezie performed “All the Man (woman) that I Need” by Whitney Houston ....Chick has a really nice voice but......I just don't know......maybe its that he is such a a big bore... sorta a snooze you know......Just like his most embarrassing moment clip about the restroom...boring!.....Guy has no no charisma what so ever.....Sorry Chick....

Danny Noriega performed “Tainted Love”--I love this guy...Has he grown on you too?.....Watch all his videos on you tube-- this boy can really sing....I love this little fem bot.....I hope he goes a long way so we can enjoy this funny talent....I think he has a great future for sure in the some area of the entertainment industry realm......He may not be the Idol.....But what a great launch pad for this lad....Love ya Danny!


Mark in DE said...

Is it me, or do Jason Castro and David Cook both look like big stoners? When you watch them talking to Ryan Seacrest, they totally look like stoners to me.

I agree that Luke will get cut this week. His voice is too thin and nasal. I pretty much agreed with your summary of all the guys.

Paula should stop talking about choreography jobs from the early 80s! It makes her sound old. LOL

Mark :-)

FitnessNerd said...

I don't get Jason Castro. I mean, his voice is all right, but I just don't see him having that much range beyond the granola/Jack Johnson set.

My baby, David Hernandez better make the top 12, but I just have this feeling he's getting the boot. Simon was evil to Luke and others, and that always get the sympathy vote.

Luke is the new Haley Scarnato...just with more clothes!

Lewis said...

That Chick guy is a real snoozer....he has to go. Plus Luke didn't do spite of the fact that I think he's cute like the rest of them!