Monday, March 24, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel
Ben and Ronnie are my picks..
Who is going to win Who Wants To Be A Supermodel?
My pick- BEN
The gays are all for-RONNIE- I wouldn't mind at all if Ronnie took it as I like him alot too!
But I think Perry is going to win it!

I like all 4 candidates left really -- even the lone gal Holly has a chance....they are all going to be winners in the long run and all get contracts and work.....This show is on my top 10 nowadays....I love it and its so HOT! If you get a chance-- check it.....Bravos repeats shows at least a 100 times week! Ronnie totally has a hard on for Ben ( in real life and in this pic! he he)


Mark in DE said...

I've been watching and enjoying this show, too. I want Ronnie to win, but I have a feeling Holly might take it. I like Ben, but find he appears much less experienced than the others.

Mark :-)

IAN said...

I say it's
Holly or Ben,
def not Perry of Ronnie

Alpha Omega said...

Ronnie is my man....

I hope him and Ben at least kiss before the end...

Anonymous said...

Ronnie and ben look good together, but poor Ronnie is heading for a heartache.