Thursday, August 07, 2008

Designer Mania!
TOP Design is Back On 9/3/09!

Woo Who! TOP DESIGN is back on Wednesday, September 3 and its the second season of the interior design competition and I cant wait for all the drama..... Head judge Jonathan Adler, along with series judges Margaret Russell and Kelly Wearstler, will again decide which designer wins. I was just asking about Jonathan Adler and Todd Oldham the other night when DESIGN STAR ended....Speaking of Design Star-- I am happy Jenifer won-- Matt was starting to get on my nerves a bit- he had that yelling thing going on- kinda reminded me of Ty Pennington...who I DREAD! I hate when someone ovr hoots and hollers....Turn off! And also wasn't it strange indeed how Mikey V was not around or even mentioned...Must of been that whole porn scandal he was involved in eh?


Lewis said...

I've said it before, I am so not Hollywood mainstream and I haven't even heard of this, or many other, shows or movies that many people are in love with. Alas, I remain in the dark.

Mark in DE said...

I'm looking forward to Top Design, too. Last season had some really talented designers (better than Design Star in my opinion) so I'm hoping this season will knock my socks off.

Mark :-)

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