Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Karmas A BITCH-

KARMAS a bitch--- I turned into a couch potato! Now last week I made a comment about sitting on a fat ass and watching TV while raiding the cupboards! I was frustrated as that was the routine for me when I had those fricken hives lst week....well holy shit balls....now that I had the elephant ankle since Friday night this is all I could do as I lay on the sectional with my legs in the air all weekend. KARMA!!! It was a strange weekend for me as I am such a beanner-- I am like speedy gonzales--always busy running around and such- My good gal pal Starla told me--
" Hunny- first of all your not a young lad and you need to slow down....And you know you don't have any patience and this is your opportunity to slow down and relax-- its going to be very hard for you but do try to take it easy as you have to stay off your foot!" WAS IT EVER! I thought I was going to go insane--- I could only hobble to the kitchen and bathroom and living room...it was pure torture but I survived....

I thank the husband for being such a nice nurse and for all he had to do. He was super as he had to do so much....It guess it was sorta a pre lim till when we become seniors! Needless to say my fat ass had a nice time on the sectional as a couch potato and I am now ready for any game show with alot of current events trivia and I am caught up on all my trash TV and movies released in the last few weeks on DVD.....And I also ate out every treat we had in our cupboards..


Mark in DE said...

I rather enjoyed my day (last Wed) when I did nothing but lie on the sectional watching TV and trying not to vomit.

Mark :-)

Alpha Omega said...

I wish I had time to just veg out and not worry about work, school or my needy friends...LOL

Enjoy it while you can.

And you would be very tasty as a french fry!!!