Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Boys from Million Dollar Listing
A Guilty Pleasure

Chad, Madison and Josh......
My Guilty Pleasure-- the boys from Million Dollar Listing- Chad Rodgers, Madison Hildebrand and Josh Flagg are fun and very entertaining to watch-Do you happen to watch it? You should! They also make me super jealous as they make so much fricken $ and I know most of us could really do exactly what these boys are doing- the difference is they had the connections to start off with so viola.... Chad does sorta get on my last nerve most of the time when I watch the show and this is due to the way he is portrayed and that crazy hair or maybe its his monotone voice? But after checking out his blog--He is actually growing on me and I like him.....I bet out of all 3 fellas he would actually be the best to have a a friend, as you can tell he is a nice young man. Now Madison Hildebrand in my opinion is quite HOT and on the show he comes across as a very nice fella too... He seems to be all confused about his sexuality...Oh I remember those days!!! He is one of those guys that will most likely end up with a husband but will always need a female close at hand. He like alot of us gay boys that need constant female companionship and then the companionship and sex with a guy as well. Its a easy fix and once he finds that balance he will be set! Now Josh Flagg is a total HOT MESS...young, pretty, bitchy, rich, and in trouble with the law... oh dear!!! We all know one.....How can you not like Josh Flagg?

Cute Chad and Hot Madison


Donnie v2.0 said...

Chad's hair pisses me off.

CJ said...

How do homely guys like that make it in today's world?

Mark in DE said...

You know, with my real estate addiction you'd THINK I would watch this show, but I haven't seen it. It must come on when I'm watching something else.

I just want to chase Chad with a pair of scissors and cut that hair, and tackle Josh with a razor and shave that stupid-looking beard.

Mark :-)

danny/ink2metal said...

there is something terribly wrong with a person who must maintain a haircut like chad's. he even hairsprays it. WTF!

but madison is my dream husband. good lord, he is so freakin' hot. AND he has a nice personality!?! what more could you ask for?

and josh would be my best drinking and hang out buddie ever. i just thought it was so sad when they showed him so alone on his birthday.

M- Filer said...

I am pretty much addicted, especially cuz i am a Realtor, and they are my heros. I know, that's pretty sick isn't it?