Monday, November 03, 2008

Madge Review

The crowd was huge! I guess tickets sold out in a matter of minutes to fill the 60,000 seats of BC Place for her first ever concert in Vancouver! So the city was alive with Madonna mania! Everyone we chatted with was in towns for Madge concert and the hotels were packed (in fact our hotel gave away our room but it all worked out as they figured it out rather quickly a solution after they had 4 of us give them a piece of our minds) We arrived at the venue at around 7 as she was slated to start at 730 but we all knew she would be running late...bought our t shirts ( $50 each-- highway robbery) and then proceeded to our 11th row seats. We hung out in the beer garden first and got a good table to watch all the people for a hour or so ...that was better than going to any zoo for the day! Nuff said about the Canadians and how they were ummm dressed......anyhow

Madge started at 930-- 2 hours late...I think this was due to the fact to get all those people in the damm place....the concert was flawless----she was hot---- Music was jamming and dancing/choreography and all that is Madonna and why we love her was in front of me LIVE and in color! SO AWESOME! I didn't faint or cry as I had expected and I was on cloud nine.

Now for the parts that puzzled me a bit......So the crowd was a bit strange.....I dont know how to explain it besides saying they were stiff.....they didn't dance much or sing or scream or you know... act like someone at a concert like Madonna....some people sat in there seats and watched the video screens the whole time......some friends told me this is probaly because the concert was in Canada and they are much more reserved.... as they have seen concerts in London and it was the same.......I guess its just different in the states huh? I really thought this strange acting crowd was the reason Madge didn't engage or talk to the audience much as I think she maybe engaged the audience maybe 3 times at the most. My only gripe is that I didn't feel a connection to her like I have with other performers....You would think being in the 11th row you would......I cant imagine being anywhere else in that stadium unless closer......I rather rent the DVD to watch a concert if that would of been the case. I mentioned this to friends and they all reminded me that Madge is just like that.....She isn't one to beg for your love -- she wants your love and attention as thinks she deserves it rather than giving it.......Her aloofness makes her seem more inaccessible but then again this is more of a character of a a true superstar isnt it? It's a strange contradiction and I guess it has been said that she can be a tough woman to handle onstage. But I think it's good to go in knowing ( which I didn't) what to expect from her as she isn't the type of artist begging for your love. Here is a few pics I downloaded...more to come soon! They are fuzzy as I was dancing like a mad man!!


Marko said...


When i saw her I cried like a bitch! He he!

Kevin (Is The New Shirley) said...

EVERYONE was up and moving in Toronto. All except the poor bastard in the front during request time. Come to think of it, the couple behind us asked my friends if they would mind sitting even for just a few minutes.

What is WRONG with people?!

Mark in DE said...

Wow, sounds exciting!

Mark :-)