Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Opens Today!
Twilight opens today and I am just as excited as the rest of the tween girl population and gay guys that also loved the book like me... I am however going to wait a week or so to see it---I'm thinking we go see it over the Thanksgiving weekend. I am excited it has arrived but I am pretty sure I can wait past this weekend so the screamers are not in full force. I don't think I could take all the giggles and sighs from a bunch of tween girls....Not if it was a bunch of tween boys that would be another story. Cast photos from Vanity Fair


Christopher said...

Too bad you don't live closer, you could've gone with my tween daughter tomorrow! xo

CJ said...

What's up with this? It's all I have heard on the tv and radio this week. Last night this girl was calling in to a DJ on a loccxal station saying her seat was wet when she left the theatre???????? Did she piss herself or is the lead that hot???